How to demo an iPhone app during a video call

Someone asked how to demo their new iPhone app properly via WebEx, Zoom, and other video conferencing sessions.

I used to work at a “mobile device management” startup and everyone just used AirPlay or any free Windows mirroring tool. There’s a ton of them out there. If you’re an all-Mac shop, Zoom has a slew of articles on the how-to.

For the folks with little to no sales background, here’s one presenting “secret” we used at that startup: people want to see the app and also want to see the app.

If you’re in a live meeting, get up and walk around the room and show people the actual app on the phone in your hands as you’re showing them actions on the big screen. If you’re performing a remote session with a video conferencing tool turn your webcam on and sit back a bit, or better, stand up and get in the frame if possible.

The goal is showing the screen of your physical phone once in a while, meaning you flip the phone around to face the webcam. This is so folks mentally tie what they’re seeing on the screen to what you’re doing on the device (tapping, swiping, etc).

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