Sales is a rollercoaster. It doesn’t have to be.

Long days, late nights, chasing customers, having tough conversations with management, ringing the bell after a big win, the punch in the gut as a deal slips through your hands. The highs. The lows.

A lot of people in sales will tell you that their career is like a rollercoaster.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you want to really succeed in Sales, if you want to have a great career and help thousands or tens of thousands of people by solving their biggest business problems…

You HAVE TO get off the rollercoaster.

I’ve known a ton of salespeople who ride the rollercoaster.

They’re always the same ones who:

  • Don’t ask for help
  • Don’t dig into what the customer really needs
  • Don’t ask for the order
  • Don’t ask basic questions like “who is involved in a purchase” and “how would you recommend we work to win their approval”
  • Can’t articulate value
  • Don’t know any way to win except by giving the product away
  • Leave everything until the last week of the quarter
  • Blame a loss on everyone and everything but themselves

If you want off the rollercoaster, figure out which of these mistakes you’re making.

Then do the opposite.

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