How to get your message out to Millennials

Struggling with getting your message out to Millennials?

One reason why: “Millennials only agree on 15 percent of subjects.”

If you want to be successful targeting Millennials, you need to niche down.

Get down to a small, focused target.

Not “all Millennials”.

Not only one factor, such as gender or ethnicity.

What does this look like in practice?

“New moms, working in finance, who went to a state university, aged 24-28, and living within 30 minutes of a major city.”

That’s a niche.

Niche down.

A lot of CMOs are failing and don’t understand why until it’s too late

The heading of this post was said to me over dinner by the founder of a Marketing consulting firm who has spent the last 10 years of his life transforming scores of Marketing teams into growth machines and training CMOs on what makes for successful board and investor meetings.

Here are the top 2 problems he’s seen over and over again:

  1. The CMO won’t let go of chasing leads even though the only thing the rest of the leadership team cares about is building more pipeline.
  2. The CMO has no understanding of customer acquisition cost, or CAC, leading to an utter inability in knowing where to spend to get the maximum return.

“Leads don’t f****** matter and half their campaigns are a waste of time. But one, nobody has ever stepped them through this and two, the data is all over the place and hard to make sense of, so they just keep chasing leads and throwing money away on things that don’t work. Meanwhile, everyone else is asking ‘where the hell is the pipeline?!'”

“Sometimes we get in early enough to save the first CMO, but a lot of times we’re helping their successor.”

What are you doing to equip your CMO with what they need to not only survive but thrive?