Avoid making decisions when…

A user on Quora asked, “When is the correct time to make major decisions about my life?” I don’t think anyone can tell you when the right time is for making major decisions, but I have a pretty good idea of when to avoid decision-making altogether!

I’m going to instead propose several incorrect times to engage in making major decisions. For example:

  • While intoxicated by any drug whether legal or illegal. This includes alcohol. May or may not include caffeine depending on caffeine’s effects on your person.
  • While intoxicated by a natural physiological response e.g. “runner’s high”, orgasm, etc.
  • While exhausted. Note I’m not saying “while tired”. See: Fatigued or just tired? There is a difference.
  • While emotionally compromised, for example while grieving over the loss of a loved one.
  • While under duress.

Provided you are not in any of the above states or situations, you’re in the clear. I can’t promise you’ll make the right decisions, but you’ll have the best shot at trying. And you’ll likely minimize regret later on, too.


Original answer at Quora.com: What is the correct time to make decisions about life like career, marriage, etc.?

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