The #1 way to add value

There is a massive amount of chatter about the idea of adding value to your customers. Most of it seems to come from MarTech startups churning out content to try and rope in buyers in Sales, Business Development, and Marketing. Tons of people saying, "make a better product", "improve your customer service", "go faster", "give … Continue reading The #1 way to add value

The Cloud doesn’t matter

"The business value derived from data, (CIOs) feel, has little to do with whether it resides in a data center or in a cloud." "Is your data center dust?",, Businesses don't give a damn about whether they're in The Cloud or not. They care about three things: RevenueCostsAgility

Been there, done that

"Poor companies, companies that do not hire effectively, place greater weight on the specific experience, that the person has been there and done that before, and they stray away from the leading indicators of whether or not that person is going to be a successful employee."Andrew LaCivita, internationally-recognized recruiter, career coach, speaker, and author.