What career opportunity have YOU passed on?

A Quora user asked, "What were your career alternatives to the one you have today?" I couldn't resist the opportunity to go back through my (really) old resumes and reminisce a bit. What job or career have you declined in favor of your current path? I’m grateful to have had an awful lot of job opportunities throughout my life. … Continue reading What career opportunity have YOU passed on?

Your personal growth philosophy

What is a personal growth philosophy? It's a set of core principles that you turn into habit which guide your physical, mental, and financial growth. I won't pretend to be able to help you make the leap to your own personal growth philosophy, but I can share what I've come to follow over the years in hopes … Continue reading Your personal growth philosophy

The time I was asked to resign

It was the Spring of 2007. I wanted to move to Oregon for personal reasons. My employer at the time asked me to come up with a 12-month plan for them to continue operations in the event it took a while to find my replacement. We set my last date of employment, at which point … Continue reading The time I was asked to resign