The oldest Millennials are approaching 40.

They aren't "kids". Some have kids of their own who are in college. They aren't actually "entitled". Many of them had to suffer the worst recession in generations while they were just getting started, and they thrived at it. They took all the jobs you wouldn't. Waiting tables, pouring coffee, bagging groceries, mowing lawns, many … Continue reading The oldest Millennials are approaching 40.

Compensation ideas for Renewals Reps

I was talking with someone who was in the process of building comp plans for next year and they had a number of challenges regarding reps who handle only renewals and upsells at time of renewal. We referred to them as "Renewals Reps" and I'll do the same in this article. Below are some of … Continue reading Compensation ideas for Renewals Reps

Advice for building a discount strategy

I caught up with someone whose SaaS platform has an entry price of $20k. Their products were starting to really sell in the mid-market and enterprise space. As they moved upmarket, they felt the need to re-evaluate their discount strategy for these deals, and they asked for some advice. Assuming the question of "are we … Continue reading Advice for building a discount strategy