The oldest Millennials are approaching 40.

They aren’t “kids”. Some have kids of their own who are in college.

They aren’t actually “entitled”. Many of them had to suffer the worst recession in generations while they were just getting started, and they thrived at it. They took all the jobs you wouldn’t. Waiting tables, pouring coffee, bagging groceries, mowing lawns, many times being paid by folks living off their 401k or unemployment. They paid their dues.

They aren’t “new in their careers”. That 14-year old at Starbucks 20 years ago is 34 now, after gaining a decade of experience in customer service, cash management, personnel management, and operations while putting themselves through college.

Many have one or more college degrees and decades of work history.

Many are CEOs and executives at multi-million dollar companies.

A handful are running unicorn startups.

Others rode the cryptocurrency, Amazon pro seller, “influencer”, or online business/fitness/marketing guru/coach/podcaster waves to riches.

They are no different than you or me. They want to be happy, have a fulfilling career, and do great things.

The sooner you recognize this, the sooner you’ll realize the positive impacts of everything they bring to the table.

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