The #1 way to add value

There is a massive amount of chatter about the idea of adding value to your customers. Most of it seems to come from MarTech startups churning out content to try and rope in buyers in Sales, Business Development, and Marketing. Tons of people saying, "make a better product", "improve your customer service", "go faster", "give … Continue reading The #1 way to add value

The oldest Millennials are approaching 40.

They aren't "kids". Some have kids of their own who are in college. They aren't actually "entitled". Many of them had to suffer the worst recession in generations while they were just getting started, and they thrived at it. They took all the jobs you wouldn't. Waiting tables, pouring coffee, bagging groceries, mowing lawns, many … Continue reading The oldest Millennials are approaching 40.

The real enemy is the status quo

If you're in Sales, there are gonna be a lot of times when you think you're up against the incumbent. You're going to want to show off how you're so much better than their stuff. But that's almost always a distraction. The reality is, the reason these folks invited you into their business is because … Continue reading The real enemy is the status quo