Compensation ideas for Renewals Reps

I was talking with someone who was in the process of building comp plans for next year and they had a number of challenges regarding reps who handle only renewals and upsells at time of renewal. We referred to them as "Renewals Reps" and I'll do the same in this article. Below are some of … Continue reading Compensation ideas for Renewals Reps

Differences in AE/AM sales comp

A friend of mine asked about differences in customer acquisition cost ("CAC") relative to new customer acquisition, upsell, and expansion. When I said there's loads of material on why expansion CAC is less than new logo CAC with respect to marketing costs, he said what he was really interested in were differences in sales comp … Continue reading Differences in AE/AM sales comp

Sales Rep OTE Ranges for Low Cost Cities

Someone asked how to consider potential locations for a new sales focused-office in a lower cost city. Their HQ is in the San Francisco Bay area. For field sales, I evaluate for: Target market density andProximity to an airport That's it. The rest you can adjust around. Here's the thing: if you underestimate OTE it … Continue reading Sales Rep OTE Ranges for Low Cost Cities