Where all business success comes from

Every single one of a company's employees should understand what's happening in your business, how your products and services work, what your go to market strategy is, and how the business is doing. They'll either learn it from you or from the internet, and the latter is unforgiving. One major benefit is that every one … Continue reading Where all business success comes from

Work-life balance is a myth

In hypergrowth startups, work-life balance is a myth. Don't take my word for it: ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently) decided to analyze actual growth data. Here's what they found: "Companies who have a founder who has a hobby that takes up more than 10 hours of their week are growing at roughly a 20% slower rate … Continue reading Work-life balance is a myth

How to get your message out to Millennials

Struggling with getting your message out to Millennials? One reason why: "Millennials only agree on 15 percent of subjects." If you want to be successful targeting Millennials, you need to niche down. Get down to a small, focused target. Not "all Millennials". Not only one factor, such as gender or ethnicity. What does this look … Continue reading How to get your message out to Millennials