Giving up

Had an interesting exchange with a long-time friend of mine a couple of months ago.

“I tell you I gave up video games at the beginning of the year?” I began.

“Really? Wow. Pretty extreme.”

“I’m not going to start shitting all over them, don’t worry. Just felt like it was time. I hadn’t really been engrossed with a good game for years.”

“What are you- doing a lot of binging on Netflix?”

“Nope. Not a lot of good television either.”

“Jesus. So what are you doing with all the free time?”

“It’s funny, turns out people have written thousands of these things called ‘books’. So I’m reading a lot of them.”

“Ha. Ha. F*** you. So it’s sci-fi, right? Or you doing Dungeons & Dragons stuff?”

“Nah. Business. Philosophy. Psychology. Personal achievement.”

“You achieve anything yet, smart guy?”

“Uhh, well I got another promotion. Average 10% return on my investments. Still have a lot more to do, but it all seems clearer now.”

“Huh. Maybe I’ll give up video games.”

“Or take up reading,” I retorted.


Weeks later, he gave me a ride to the doctor’s office. He said he’d stay behind in the car.

“Thanks, man. Back in 20. You aren’t going to be bored out of your mind out here? Guess you’ve got your phone.”

“Nah. Got a book.”

I chuckled appreciatively.

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