Upgrading VMware Tools on a Zerto VRA (Virtual Replication Appliance)

This is an article about Zerto, the award-winning IT Resilience platform I was first exposed to in 2011 and loved so much that I joined the team in 2012. For help with any Zerto-specific terminology, see Zerto’s official product documentation.

If VMware vCenter alerts you to VMware Tools being outdated on a Zerto Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA), what do you do?

Like many modern virtual appliances, the Zerto VRAs are unmanaged. In other words, they operate without a need for user management or intervention. Zerto VRAs are deployed with the version of VMware Tools that Zerto approves for that version of the VRA. The Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) software manages the VRAs and there is rarely a need to spend time or effort on them. All upgrades to the VRAs are done through the ZVM interface.

If you have an internal policy demanding specific VMware Tools levels and you’re unable to file an exception request for unmanaged devices, which is unusual as even major government and private-industry regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX and others allow for exceptions provided they are appropriately documented, I suggest reaching out to the Zerto Support Team through the MyZerto portal.

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