The most successful CEOs are…

Reading “The CEO Next Door”, by Tahl Raz, Kim Powell, and Elena Botelho.

Elena, Kim, and Tahl did thousands of hours of research to produce real data about what it takes to get to the CEO spot, what CEOs actually do and how they operate.

It’s not like what we’re shown by Hollywood and it is fascinating.

Does it matter whether you’re loved or you get results?

“In real boardrooms, results speak louder than charisma.”

Do you need to be outgoing?

“Over a third of CEOs in our study actually describe themselves as introverted, and self-described introverts in our sample were even slightly more likely to exceed board expectations.”

…while the above mean roughly two-thirds of CEOs describe themselves as extroverts, those same folks are less likely to exceed board expectations.

Do you need to be a celebrity, like a Steve Jobs or Elon Musk?

“When looking at CEOs who met expectations, we found no statistically significant difference between introverts and extroverts. High confidence more than doubles a candidate’s chances of being chosen as CEO, but provides no advantage in performance.”

What a seriously fantastic read.

If you’re interested in reading more, get your copy of “The CEO Next Door” on Amazon at

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