What to do if your company only hires current executives as executives

Your company only hires current executives as executives.

Directors have to be 40+ or have 15+ years experience in a single role.

“MBA preferred” actually means required at your company.

Employees can’t progress, or can only move one step up the imaginary ladder at a time.

No one is promoted with less than X time in their current role.

One or more folks in the C-suite has been overheard saying that someone couldn’t work for them because that person isn’t “big” enough.

If you’re in a position of authority at some company and making rules like these, quit.

Right now.

Fire yourself.

You’re harming everyone around you and damaging your company’s future success.

If you’re working at a company like this, next year is right around the corner. Get the f*** out now. They don’t deserve you.

Now, in 2019, the CEO of Burger King is in his 30s. His age doesn’t matter. His message does: hire people who are passionate, humble, and will bust ass vs hiring someone for their pedigree.

The return on his strategy?

300% growth since he took over in 2014.

This message inspired by a Twitter thread full of software developers posting about not being hired or passed over for promotion due to any one of the stupid BS reasons from the list above.

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