Tracking customer training courses completed

Someone asked for some guidance on how an organization can track what trainings a customer has completed.

If you’re using Salesforce as your CRM and tracking course completion using Google Sheets, I recommend making a new object for this and then looking at an automation tool such as Zapier to automate data entry:

Google Sheets -> Zapier -> Salesforce.

Seems like it would do the trick.

About a year before we picked up our first learning management system (“LMS”) we made a custom “Course Enrollments” object for this purpose. It’s tied to Contacts so it follows them wherever they move throughout our system. Each Account then contains a rollup of the Course Enrollments entries and statuses of its Contacts.

Originally, the Course Enrollments object contained fields such as Account, Contact, Course Name, Enrollment Date, Completion Date, Score, and Passed (a checkbox that’s either true or false). Today it’s significantly deeper due to having more than 1 LMS, but the principle still holds. 

As for the person who asked, they opted to go the custom object route with most of the fields I mentioned. This allowed them to create a report showing percent completion by customer as well as percent completion by course.

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