1 easy trick to scaling your business as a Solution Provider

You're a business owner, head of Sales, the leader of a Systems Engineering (SE) division, or maybe a Systems Engineer yourself, and no matter what you do the team always seems to be too busy with billable work to deliver great documentation to your customers. The first part of the sentence, that you're all too … Continue reading 1 easy trick to scaling your business as a Solution Provider

Improving your presentation skills

Whether you're working through a fix with a customer as a support analyst, negotiating for greater budget as a technology leader, or proposing a technical solution to a business problem as an IT solution vendor, you are presenting. Your goal in any presentation is to build genuine trust with your audience and then leverage that trust toward … Continue reading Improving your presentation skills

Climbing the mountain

When I joined Zerto back in 2012 I knew I was in for an adventure. At the time I was hired the company had less than 50 employees worldwide, a few dozen reseller-partners, a handful of Cloud Providers offering Zerto-as-a-Service, and a 2.0 product which usually took a couple of hours of hands-on work to get up and running. I … Continue reading Climbing the mountain