The #1 Thing Everyone Screws Up In Enterprise IT

Too many of us in Enterprise IT ignore this one critical thing about infrastructure management: We update all our cool technology without ever thinking about whether or not it will all stay compatible or not. Why is that? Users: we have huge egos. "My infrastructure is mine. I'll do whatever I want with it. If … Continue reading The #1 Thing Everyone Screws Up In Enterprise IT

Changing the data protection conversation

Two years ago I wrote about the top 5 questions on data protection I was hearing as a Zerto Systems Engineer (SE). Back then the conversations were typically with mid-market enterprises and covered topics of interest to System Administrators and IT Managers. These are the front-line daily warriors who usually had specific questions around interoperability with … Continue reading Changing the data protection conversation

Disaster recovery for public-facing applications

One of the questions I'm often asked is how to protect and recover public-facing applications, that is, applications which are accessible through the Internet. These applications commonly include e-commerce sites, SaaS platforms, supplier or purchasing solutions, and more. Such systems are often major revenue drivers to the business. With increasing B2B and B2C demands, rising competition, and tightening budgets, it grows … Continue reading Disaster recovery for public-facing applications